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    A Phytochemical, Ethnomedicinal And Pharmacological Review Of Genus Dipterocarpus
    Dipterocarpus are the third largest and most diverse genus among Dipterocarpaceae. They are well-known for timber, but less acknowledged for its medicinal importance. Phytochemically genus Dipterocarpus has reported to contain resin, coumarin and dammar. The Resveratrol class of compounds is one of the major chemical constituent in this genus. Generally, the bark of Dipterocarpus is presumed to be the most active. Dipterocarpus species showed Anti-AIDS, cytotoxic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant activities. Therapeutically important species in this genus are Dipterocarpus obtusifolius Teijsm ex Miq because it may have cured against AIDS. We document number of species in this genus, their synonyms, distribution around the World, traditional names, ethnomedicinal uses, isolated compounds, chemical structure, chemical nature of isolated compounds, pharmacological reports and explain the relationship between isolated compounds from this genus and their therapeutic use.
    Muhammad Shahzad Aslam, Muhammad Syarhabil Ahmad, Awang Soh Mamat; "A Phytochemical, Ethnomedicinal And Pharmacological Review Of Genus Dipterocarpus." International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015).