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  Hi! Can anyone suggest how we can create awareness about Ficus trees, which are being felled in the name of urban development programmes

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  • Gladwin Chakravarthy Joseph : Added a comment
    I have noticed this as have others of the cutting down of Ficus species wantonly all over Karnataka for road widening. I have pictures of stumps of glorious trees felled past Nanjangud towards Gundlupet on that Mysore-Ooty Road. There needs to be a policy that for trees have to replanted when roads are widened. I know a Kolar MLA has taken the Forest dept to task for planting introduced species instead of Ficus along Kolar roads. I think perhaps there is a need for a media campaign to save the Banyan and other ficus species by calling for  replanting them. It is easy to replant as I am sure the young pole-size stems if planted will root and resprout. The Ficus is a keystone species unlike most other introduced species which provide shade, but no other use other birds and mammals.    
  • Jyothi S C : In reply to Gladwin Chakravarthy Joseph
    Sir, Why don't we organize one such campaign?I may require your suggestions to bring it forward.
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